Lightning Archive

The lightning archive is used to see if lightning occurred at a specific location using a date or date range. Step 1 In Location Info, enter the lat/lon coordinates in the appropriate fields or select an asset from the company list. Step 2 Select the date range, desired distance from the location, and unit of

How to Interpret Your Daily Planner

Interpreting your forecast planner is easy once you understand how the information is configured and implemented. Steps on configuring your planner triggers and parameters for a stored location can be found here. After you’ve set up your specific weather thresholds, you are now ready to interpret your forecast planner. At the top of your forecast, note a

Executive Summary

We’ve taken our threat matrix from all Daily Planners and compressed it so you can see all of your assets in one place simultaneously. At a glance, you will quickly identify assets that may require focus in the following days. The temporal resolution in this report is customizable just like the dynamic planners. If you

Daily Threat Report

The Daily Threat Report allows you to “manage by exception.” This report only shows the assets with impending weather threats broken out by day. Only assets with yellow or red triggers will be shown each day. For event clients, you can also toggle the view to show only active events. If you hover over any

Using WeatherOps Scheduler

The WeatherOps Scheduler is a management tool for enabling products and services during a specified time frame to a selected contact list. The Scheduler lists all active and upcoming events for quick reference on the Events page. Events will be listed as either “Active” or denoted under the month name, in chronological order. If you

Companion Mobile App

The WeatherOps companion mobile app provides a powerful situational awareness view that can be accessed from any location, ensuring that whether you’re utilizing Commander or the mobile app, you have the same weather decision support information at all times. The WeatherOps App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play: iOS Users

WeatherOps Display

The WeatherOps Display, our interactive map, is web-based and cloud-delivered to provide users with complete weather decision support. It is the foundation of our suite of services, overlaying weather data and decision analytic layers on a global map that offers different views to meet your asset monitoring needs. Upon launching the WeatherOps Display from the

Quick Maps

The Quick Maps page in WeatherOps Commander allows a user to quickly reference global regions and access custom products such as satellite, temperature, wind, etc., through an image. Click on the Quick Maps link in the navigation bar on the left to launch the page. Find the region of most importance and click on the

Accessing Report Archives

View Access reports for your company’s assets quickly and easily by launching the Report Archive from the Navigation pane on the left-hand side of the screen. Filter Filter by Product or by Asset, or both!  Once you decide you are ready to pull the information from the database, then click on the search button.  All reports