The lightning archive is used to see if lightning occurred at a specific location using a date or date range.

Step 1

In Location Info, enter the lat/lon coordinates in the appropriate fields or select an asset from the company list.

Step 2

Select the date range, desired distance from the location, and unit of measurement. Note: The archive can pull a maximum period of 2 weeks of data at a time with a maximum distance of 20 miles/kilometers.

Step 3

You can now decide what format you want the report in (PDF  or HTML), the strike sort (distance from the location or time of strike), and the lightning strike type.

Step 4

Now, hit Generate Report.  It may take a few seconds to get your report depending on the date range.  Once the data are gathered, a new browser tab will open and provide either an HTML image or a .pdf which you can then save.

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