Time Category Incident Description Status
September 27, 2023
12:37 pm CDT
WeatherOps No Reported Issues Operational
August 8, 2023
10:51 am CDT
Lightning All-Clear Alerts The issue impacting some assets from not receiving lightning all-clear alerts has been resolved. Archived
August 7, 2023
4:26 pm CDT
Lightning All-Clear Alerts We are continuing to track lightning all-clear alerts not being generated for some asset locations. Archived
August 7, 2023
11:36 am CDT
Lightning All-Clear Alerts We have received reports that lightning all-clear alerts are not being generated. This is leading to assets getting stuck in an "alert" state. Archived
August 7, 2023
10:02 am CDT
Lightning Alerts Down We have identified the cause of lightning alerts not being delivered to customers. The issue has been resolved and alerts are going out as expected. Archived
August 7, 2023
7:42 am CDT
Lightning Alerts Down We are investigating reports of customers not receiving lightning alerts. This is impacting email, sms, and push notification. Archived
July 18, 2023
6:11 am CDT
alerting The previous alerting issues associated with lightning, warning, and watches has been resolved. You can now create new assets and alerts. Archived
July 17, 2023
2:04 pm CDT
alerting The resolver team has located the cause and is working towards a solution. Archived
July 17, 2023
1:32 pm CDT
alerting We are aware of an issue where alerts are not being issued. This also impacts the ability to create new locations and set up new alerts. Our Developers are aware of the situation and are engaged in finding a solution. Archived
June 13, 2023
3:59 pm CDT
WeatherOps The lightning outage is now resolved as of 6/13/2023. Archived