Your services provide several ways to receive critical information from our team. As a subscriber of WeatherOps, you can receive notifications through email, our mobile application, or if you have it enabled – via text messages. 3 different ways?! That’s 6 different potential ways of receiving information!

For most of our users, you will either receive notifications through push notification or email.

But how does one set themselves up for alerts? We are glad you asked!

You will have to log into your online account to configure your emailed and text message alerting preferences. Depending on which service you signed up for, you may utilize our 24/7 asset protection piece through our Company Matrix, or you may schedule products and services to be sent during specific times through our WeatherOps Scheduler.

After you have established who will be sent information via email, you can configure your text messaging capabilities. Each user profile contains fields to store information to provide text capabilities. If information is stored within the SMS field and you have this feature enabled under your company profile, you will be able to activate alerts to be sent to you. Be sure to toggle the SMS field switch through the Company Matrix or your scheduled event in the WeatherOps Scheduler.

Finally, when you first established an account, you should have been sent links to download the WeatherOps app. If you haven’t – do it. It’s awesome and super handy to have!

Once the app is downloaded, you’ll need to accept push notifications AND sign in with your online credentials. Accepting push notifications allows our system to send you alerts. From there, you can add in your company’s stored asset locations (under the asset section) or personal locations (under the locations tab).

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