In the upper right-hand corner, select the blue plus sign (+) to bring up the create tab.


To create an area asset, you will need the asset’s geometry:

  • Go to to create a polygon (Right-click the URL to open in a new tab.)
    • Select the Draw a Polygon tool () from the right-hand side of the map
    • Once you draw the polygon, JSON text will populate in the window on the right side
    • Select and copy the geometry text
      • Be sure to only copy the text after “geometry”:
      • Make sure you copy the parentheses included in the geometry text

Within the Create Asset screen, you will need to enter the required information:

  • Asset Name
  • Paste the geometry text from
  • Location Type (Continental or Marine)

Optional Information can also be entered:

  • Primary contact
  • Unit Type (English or Metric) for use in Daily Planners and Weather Checks
  • Distance Unit (Kilometer, Mile, Nautical Mile) for use in Lightning Range Rings
  • Notes

Remember to:

  • Assign asset to products
  • Assign contacts
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