To create a new user, follow these three steps. There is a short video tutorial below.

Step 1

In the upper right-hand corner, select the blue plus sign (+) to bring up the create tab.

Step 2

Within the Create User screen, enter the following required information:

  • Name
  • Email

Optional Information can also be entered:

  • Phone number
  • SMS number (Use if a user needs to be alerted via SMS)
  • User Redirect on Login (a user can be automatically redirected to another page within Commander upon login)
  • Username (Any users needing to access the Commander web portal or the WeatherOps mobile app will need a username created. Once the user is added, they will receive an automatic email to set up their password.)
  • User Role  (Asset Manager, Basic User, User Group, or Company Admin – see below for descriptions)
  • Assign assets to a user, if the Asset Manager role is selected

Step 3

After creating users, remember to:

  • Configure product distribution lists in the Company Matrix
  • or Add users to distribution under an event if using WeatherOps Scheduler

Important Information

Basic Users can:

  • View and interact with the WeatherOps Display
  • See Archived Reports for assets assigned
  • Change username/password
  • Company settings are not available for viewing or updating

User Group is very similar to a Basic User but designed for a group of people using the same login credentials for Commander access. A Company Admin is the only one who can change the username/password for a User Group.

Asset Managers

  • Do everything listed under Basic Users
  • Manage distribution lists and assets that have been assigned to them
  • Create new users

Company Admin
This role is reserved for individuals responsible for managing the company’s users and settings.

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