Assign and remove contacts to your company’s products with Company Matrix.

Step 1

Select Company Matrix from the Management menu.

Step 2

Select the Distribution Lists tab to assign contacts to products.

All company contacts will be listed in the blue panel on the left, and all company assets with active products are headers.

Slide a contact switch to the right under the correct asset to assign the contact to products.

A window will pop up with all active products available for the asset. Turn on one or all switches to assign a contact to the asset-based product. *Note: If a single contact is not assigned to all products, the contact asset switch color is yellow.*

Assignment to other products (multi-asset and asset-less) function in the same manner. Slide the toggle switch to the right to assign a contact to a product.

If your company is subscribed to SMS, there will be another tab for SMS product distribution. These are only available for the Asset Based Alerts, but function in the same manner as other distributions.

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